Via Singapore

This post documents the beginning of my journey to Switzerland to present at the EdMedia conference in 2004.

Grey Morning
Strangely, I wasn’t feeling particularly excited while waiting to board, perhaps it had something to do with the fact that it was 8:17am and I hadn’t had much sleep that night. It was a windy, overcast day, what a fitting way for Auckland to see me off! At about 8:30 I found myself in my seat (32H) the seat next to me (I) was unoccupied but some skank sat down in J.

I had the smallest breakfast sausages I have ever seen. The guy in J ordered 5 whiskeys on the rocks in quick succession then had a red wine with his meal (he may not have been counting, but I certainly was). So, after checking that the grog was free, I got myself a vodka and lemonade. It turns out that Singapore Airlines often get confused between their vodka and their engine fuel so I only drank aboout a quarter of it an exchanged it for a sprite. It was approximately 3000km to Singapore.

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