Pony UpAt first, when my colleague Tricia told me that one of her favourite things to do was to “tailgate”, I imagined that she would probably get on rather well with my good friend Doug, who (in his early 20’s) was known for his proclivity for attaching himself to the preceding car’s bumper. It turns out that “tailgating” has a very different, slightly safer connotation in the US than it does in New Zealand.

I was fortunate enough to join Tricia and a few of her friends from her university Southern Methodist University (SMU), to watch a football game. Part of the whole college football experience is the pre-game socialising, of which, tailgating is an important part. The image here is of me, wearing SMU colours (red & blue) and an SMU cap, proudly performing the “pony-up” hand-sign. Hopefully, all this “pony” business will make sense in time.

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Going HomeI am sorry life’s been rather hectic lately and I haven’t had a chance to make any updates. I know that many of you are asking the question “when are you coming home?”

Well, I finally have my itinerary. I will be arriving in New Zealand at 7:30am on Friday 26th October. Don’t worry about picking me up at the airport, my empliyer will (had better) be arranging a rental car.

I look forward to seeing y’all all in the land of the long white cloud! The image on the right is a screenshot of my itinerary. Click it for flight numbers and times.