Break in

Well, this is a particularly distressing story to tell, so soon after I related the previous one about my car being whole again.

Last night, I drove up from Hamilton, my car in tact, hoping to make it to a friend’s place for a late Christmas party they were throwing. I made it in time (just before midnight). Socialised and had a few drinks. I then took a little nap to sober up before the short drive home. When I got back to my car (at around 4am), this sight greeted me:

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Christmas Miracle

Fixed CarAs I mentioned in a previous blog post. I was rear-ended by an intoxicated chap over a month ago. What I didn’t elaborate on was the painful insurance-saga that ensued.

When the accident happened, I called my insurer: AMI (also the insurer for the other two people involved) the phone-lady told me that they would email me a claim form in the morning. They didn’t. Ok, well, people forget, so the next day I printed a claim form myself, diligently filled it out and took it in to the AMI office personally, my long-suffering colleague Richard in tow for moral support.

It didn’t take long for me to realise that the advertisements are something of an embellishment and not a true reflection of the AMI business model. There was no leggy singing brunette weaving between the computer terminals, handing out smiles and wads of cash to all and sundry. Rather, I sat down with a confused young lady who appeared to be a recent ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) graduate.

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Break up

No photos pleaseIt was soon after my birthday in October when I started suspecting that something was awry in my relationship with Sebastian. He declined a road trip with me, he didn’t come over to my place anymore, and when I visited him, he was reluctant, even begrudging with his affection.

After struggling with him for over a month, trying to figure out what I had done, or how things had changed in his mind, I decided to call it off.

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AlcoholWell, as I am sure everyone who has ever lived in more than one place knows: moving sucks. Moving sucks big time. As of this very moment, everything has been transferred over from my old place to the new place, the lounge in the new place is strewn with belongings in boxes, bags and suitcases and a fine layer of dust has been disturbed such that it sets off my hay-fever; that said, it’s done.

We bought new furniture: I got a large screen TV & a couch, Sarah a couch and a dining room suite. Before we bought the furniture, however, we had to do analysis as to whether things would fit.

What better way than to use Visio to map out the apartment and move the furniture around? That’s what we did. This image shows the layout of the apartment, to scale, as well as where we decided to put things.

Apartment Plan

Click on the image for the full layout.

Click on the image for the full layout.

North & South

Just a quick post to draw your attention to some photos I took while travelling around the North Island of New Zealand.

One trip was to Northland, where I went as far as Whangarei. The second trip involves a sojurn as far South as I have ever been in a car: to Palmerston North.

North Road Onward

Both trips rewarded me with exquisite scenery, something I will have to do more of in future. Please click the images for more images of the trips.

Home is where the Internet is

New ApartmentSome of you may already know that I am moving out of my pokey little apartment and into a new one. Some may also know that I am moving in with none other than Sarah.

Yes, as my gay friends are always so pleased to point out: she is my ex-girlfriend.

Don’t anyone get your hopes up, this is seriously a Will & Grace situation, I assure you.

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