Home is where the Internet is

New ApartmentSome of you may already know that I am moving out of my pokey little apartment and into a new one. Some may also know that I am moving in with none other than Sarah.

Yes, as my gay friends are always so pleased to point out: she is my ex-girlfriend.

Don’t anyone get your hopes up, this is seriously a Will & Grace situation, I assure you.

Anyway, when we decided we would shack up, uh, I mean, flat together again, I gave Sarah my list of requirements: I wanted a nice view, a kitchen large enough for serious baking, two car parks, two or more bedrooms, a nice sizeable lounge big enough to entertain in and a balcony big enough for my barbeque. All of this had to be in the heart of Auckland city for under $600.

Some of these requirements came about because I visited a friend of mine who lives in the Scene complex on Beach Road. It’s an ugly building from the outside, but my, the rooms are pretty on the inside. I thought would have been perfect.

What do you know, but Sarah found an apartment so close to my criteria that it is, in fact, the apartment next door to my friend’s apartment (the only other apartment on that same floor). The only way she could have come closer would have been to kick him out. The landlady is also the owner, she’s a real estate agent who has come upon hard times with the current economic situation, so she’s giving up her city lifestyle for the time being so she can recover financially.

Anyway, we’re pretty pleased with the place. It’s a little small, but given the price & location that’s understandable. The best thing about this move is that we can entertain now.

This week is moving week, I am moving in slowly because, well, my Internet account gets swapped over on the 18th, and as the title of this blog post suggests, I couldn’t bear to live in an apartment without Internet, not even for one day.