Alton Gladding

I just had a conversation with Alton. The quiet old guy in the corner of the office. He’s close to retirement (65, I think). I used to consider him the “access guy” because he was the only one who would willingly work on the Microsoft access projects.

My how my opinion has changed.

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Oh the humanity

The image on the right is what a developer workstation looks like. Lookie, it’s got them new fangled flat screens and there’s two of them to boot! Yee haw, what will these crazy computer geeks think of next eh? Mice with lazers in them, I’ll bet. Or holographic screens I’ll wager.

Now I know it seems petty and unrealistic. I mean, I have a perfectly good 17 inch CRT at work, the refresh rate doesn’t give me a headache and it complies to OSH standards. I am even getting a brand new chair any month now, so as I can hold my mouse in the right position to appease the gods of occupational health and stave off the end of my career from carpal tunnel syndrome a few years more.

But.. but… It just doesn’t feel the same. I’m not asking for much, it’s not like I want two screens or even three. I would just like a single LCD screen to call my own. The image on the left shows three screens, but it’s not really fair. The third screen belongs to Andrew’s other computer. So I suppose you could say he only has 1.5 screens per computer and he has to use two keyboards which I suppose could be confusing. Yeah, confusing.

I guess you’re right. I suppose I’m just being greedy. I mean no one really uses LCDs, they’re far too expensive, aren’t they? Aren’t they?

Cooldown 2

So, we got the goods and it was all very exciting, just like Christmas. Then…

The graphics cooling down thingy didn’t work. It was the wrong make. Good waste of $30 (but it was so pretty). Before we had any bright ideas, we tried wedging the graphics card fan under the graphics card with a few chopsticks (I shit you not). Needless to say, that didn’t work.

To top it all off, the stupid thing still overheated even with the new PSU. We were going to need to cool down the CPU…

So, we ordered even more hardware and waited a week for it to arrive.
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Pikachu and Master Chief

Well, at work we received a present from Dean Maguire. A master chief action figure. There’s not much more to say, really, except that Pikachu didn’t stand much chance against a guy in body-armour.

I should point out that that the idea of Pikachu getting sodomised by a master chief action figure was that of Dean Heard’s!

In other news, I made Pikachu’s glasses with a paper clip, cute eh?