Cooldown 2

So, we got the goods and it was all very exciting, just like Christmas. Then…

The graphics cooling down thingy didn’t work. It was the wrong make. Good waste of $30 (but it was so pretty). Before we had any bright ideas, we tried wedging the graphics card fan under the graphics card with a few chopsticks (I shit you not). Needless to say, that didn’t work.

To top it all off, the stupid thing still overheated even with the new PSU. We were going to need to cool down the CPU…

So, we ordered even more hardware and waited a week for it to arrive.

Ah ha! now we’re talking! Nice weighty heat sink with a proper fan. Installation was a breeze. Notice the blue thing spinning happily in the bottom? It’s a vertical case fan, which slots into any PCI slot on the motherboard. It has the added advantage of making our computer glow in the dark.

Only problem now is: my room sounds like a plane preparing for takeoff 🙁