Sebastian HidingAs you know, gentle reader, I have had limited fortune in the area of romance for quite some time. That is until now. Some of you have met him, some of you have heard about him, some of you are reading about him for the first time now and some of you wish I would just stop talking about him.

For me, it all started at a new years’ party, 2007/8: I got rather drunk and curled up on the couch to have a little nap. I looked over my shoulder and was amused to watch a rather attractive, rather drunk young guy very nearly assault someone over a disagreement about computer operating systems. That was when Sebastian went onto a little list in the back of my head: my list of prospective mates.

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Apologies for the dry nature of this post.

Last month there was a big to-do about a student who left a communion ceremony without having consumed the communion bread he had in his mouth. He apparently wanted to show it to someone outside the church who was curious. When they realised he wasn’t playing by the rules, people even tried to compel him to eat the bread but he “escaped”. He kept the bread for a week before returning it because he had received death threats.

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Welcome home, Maguires

Llanwyn & Sam hold the signIsn’t it always the way that when life gets most interesting you tend to have less time to reflect on it? One such event that has come and gone so quickly has been a milestone for the project I worked on in Texas. Dean Maguire, the last remaining member of the Kiwi team working in Texas has finally returned home with his family. This raps up our work in Texas and opens a new chapter for Dean, for all of us here in New Zealand.

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