Sebastian HidingAs you know, gentle reader, I have had limited fortune in the area of romance for quite some time. That is until now. Some of you have met him, some of you have heard about him, some of you are reading about him for the first time now and some of you wish I would just stop talking about him.

For me, it all started at a new years’ party, 2007/8: I got rather drunk and curled up on the couch to have a little nap. I looked over my shoulder and was amused to watch a rather attractive, rather drunk young guy very nearly assault someone over a disagreement about computer operating systems. That was when Sebastian went onto a little list in the back of my head: my list of prospective mates.

Sebastian (or “Spaz” as he has been known by friends and family since primary school) is a 21 year old software support person for a company in New Zealand. He works mostly for ad agencies, so a lot of his work involves Macs, a topic for which he reserves a great deal of passion. He has beautiful, piercing hazel/blue eyes, an easy smile which takes over his whole face, an infectious laugh, a lovely personality and he’s devastatingly ticklish. He’s highly motivated and intelligent though he chose not to go to university, opting for 3 years as a software developer instead.

Months after meeting him (13th May, to be precise) I was home, sick. I’d been sick in bed for over a week and I was fed up with it. I’d been talking to Sebastian online for a while and suggested that I was sick of being sick and wanted to go see a movie, just to get out of the house. He immediately suggested that he would go with me, but was visiting family.

I considered this a moment then decided to take him up on that suggestion:
“How about dinner as well?” I upped the ante.
“Sure” he countered confidently

It would be another three weeks (Wednesday 4th June to be precise) before we managed to get our schedules to coincide. I took him to a nice restaurant in the city called “Mecca” and we watched a good movie: “Iron Man”. He insisted on paying for the movie & drove me home, a nice touch. Later on, I asked him how he would characterise that evening, he described it as “dating for teenagers”. I resolved to be a little more adult next time.

Our next date was on Saturday, 14th June. I scheduled ice skating, we then had crepes for lunch and drove down to Parnell for an Italian denso to top off the day. It was a great day, we both enjoyed the activities and each other’s company. I secretly wanted him to stay over at my place but decided that would be too forward. With all the self-control I could muster I drove him home.

I parked my car outside his home and gave him a little hug goodbye. Then, disaster: he didn’t have his keys and no one else was home today. He faced the unpalatable prospect of breaking into his house or waiting for one of his flatmates to return home at an unspecified time.

“Well, you could always come back to my place.” I suggested  tentatively. “I don’t mind” 
“Ok, I’d like that” he retorted without hesitation.

So, we turned up at my apartment, I apologised half-heartedly for the mess and put on a DVD: PayCheck (good movie, by the way). As the movie progressed he put an arm around me and I relished the moment of pure contentment. For those of you curious people, no, the evening got no more “adult” than that.

No photos pleaseIt’s been well over a month now and I’d like to think our relationship is healthy. I only get to see him on weekends and even then that’s not guaranteed since we’re both quite busy.  We’re taking things slowly and I think we’re both comfortable with the pace, though I admit that sometimes waiting a whole week to see him is a bit of a strain.

As you can tell by the pictures, he hates having his picture taken, which just encourages me to take more. 🙂