Neither snow, nor rain

Icicles in Texas“Neither snow, nor rain, nor heat, nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.” Beautiful words, credited to Herodotus who lived over 2000 years ago. What about snow and rain I wonder? Surely that’s a different story entirely.

I awoke a little earlier than usual this morning. I’d gone to sleep late and so had set my alarm in case I dozed too long. There was no scraping, skidding or any other noise outside: promising. There was, however, a faint and ominous “cracking” noise: dubious.

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South Strip

The famous Las Vegas signThe strip in Vegas: a place I had heard about, read about and seen on TV, but not a place I had imagined ever going to myself. It’s one of those fairytale far-off places everyone talks about but never goes to. Yet I was here, standing drowsily in the biting cold winter weather, staring up at the impressive buildings looming overhead.

Sarah & I were standing outside our hotel: the Luxor, looking North towards the MGM Grand and the Excalibur. The Luxor is about as far South as the strip extends, the only hotel and casino further South is the Mandalay bay, one block South. Just a little further South of that stands the Iconic “Welcome to Vegas” sign pictured here on the right. All the other hotels were laid out before us to the North, stretching out into the distance, lining the 6-lane road that separated them like self-contained cities.

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Object of Affection

Dallas at NightThis story is about a little foolishness I recently indulged in. Now, foolishness is not a particularly unusual story for me. That said, this is a somewhat unusual situation for me to be in. You see, quite recently, I have been wooed by a young suitor. The rational realist in me knows that the relationship will probably never work out. Still, the hopeless romantic in me wants to see what happens anyway and is enjoying every moment.

You see, it’s not every day I get to go on dates. I just hope I don’t end up hurting him, or myself. There will be more stories posted about this topic, but so as not to offend the sensibilities of some people, I am only linking to the story here. You won’t find it in email subscriptions or in RSS feeds, only from this link. If you don’t want to hear about my sordid love life, please, don’t click on this link.

On thin Ice

P1030868I awoke this morning to the sound of scraping. That’s never a promising sign to the start of the day. I rolled over and groaned, initiating the same old argument I have with myself every morning.

“Time for work, Stephen”
“I don’t wanna”
“I don’t care, get up, it’s time for work”
“5 more minutes”
“… ok, 5 more minutes”

I snoozed for a little, listening to the sound of more scraping and some skidding. Not a good sign either.
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