Weird Austin

Kelley & IQuite out of the blue, my friend and ex-colleague Kelley contacted me via a comment on my blog to invite me down to visit her in Austin. Kelley, you see, immigrated to New Zealand some years ago with her partner Danny. I met her there about three years ago in her capacity as a software architect and consultant, but her original vocation was geology. It’s quite fascinating, really. For quite some time, Kelley worked for the oil companies in Texas, figuring out where the oil is. She soon got fed up with that business and so swapped to software but not before working with George W Bush for some time: a man she describes as “a spoilt little brat” and a few other things besides.

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Pride Parade

Cathedral of Hope - Dallas PrideTom and I got up from the table at Souper Salad, the place I tend to frequent after church on Sundays.
“We’re off” Tom announced “Stephen’s marching today.”
“Really, in the parade?” Jeff queried.
“Well, it’ll be more like a sashay” I shot back with a grin
“Do you have sun screen?” he asked with mild alarm
“Well, I have some in my car” I started noncommittally

Truth be told, I had brought the sunscreen with every intention of using it, but now there wouldn’t be enough time for me to go to my car and make it to the start of the parade.

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Oreo Pizza

Some of you may remember my escapades with a piece of American culture: pancake covered sausage onna stick. I recently had a new cultural experience that I just had to share. It’s the legendary Oreo Pizza. Yes, Dominos actually makes a dessert pizza called the “Oreo Pizza”. I, of course, just had to try it:

Oreo Pizza
I am sorry to report that it tastes like cardboard covered in chocolate cookies and cream. I am not exaggerating, the dough is so thin and tasteless I wondered for a moment if I had popped the box into my mouth by mistake. Bon appetite! I have more pictures of the oreo pizza here.

Fond Farewell

Dean & Me at SaltgrassI loped confidently into the bar, my fancy new camera hanging jauntily from its strap around my neck.
“Where have you been?” my boss, Llanwyn asked with mild concern. He’d called me not 15 minutes earlier to make sure I didn’t miss this important occasion.
I shrugged “sorry”.
I took the moment to show off my new toy and take a few pictures. Much to my pleasure my colleagues groaned as expected. I demonstrated how beautiful the lens was, how I could zoom right in to the follicle.

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Kameron take a picture“So what will you have to drink?” the waitress asked.
“Uuuh” Kameron looked at the menu then back up at her in confusion
“I’m sure they have Dr. Pepper” I rescued him, “he’ll have a Dr. Pepper and I’ll have a Vodka & 7-Up, Grey Goose” she nodded and left.
“You see anything you like?”
“Uh, well, if I could understand anything on the menu… and it’s so expensive”
“Well, this is your night, hon, we’re celebrating”

I had decided to take Kameron out to the nicest restaurant in town: Culpeppers. They serve some very nice food along with excellent service & atmosphere. We were celebrating because, after a month that seemed to drag on forever, Kameron had finally scored a job, and a good one too. I was proud.

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