Starting at Beca

So, for many reasons I quit my job at Cecil and started working for Beca.

It turns out that developers are the same, no matter where you go. They all have the same purile sense of humour and similar approach to things. This is strangely comforting.

On the right is my development team leader Dean Heard. He took an instant liking to my Pikachu hammer.

In this image he’s approaching an “unsupecting” Richard Adlard (another senior developer) with the hammer behind his back. Reminicient of Tom & Jerry, wouldn’t you think? I wonder which one is Tom 😉
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Neural Networks

I have a keen interest in Artificial Intelligence. Mainly because if it can be achieved it poses interesting philosopical questions. Unfortunately I have neither been trained in AI or Neurology, so it’s pretty much like trying to read a language you’ve only ever heard.

That said, I do, however, believe the following:

  1. AI is possible in my lifetime
  2. It is only possible through a bottom-up approach
  3. Neural Networks will have to be understood and mastered in order to achieve this
  4. Current Artificial Neural Networks fall short in a number of ways

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