Break in

Well, this is a particularly distressing story to tell, so soon after I related the previous one about my car being whole again.

Last night, I drove up from Hamilton, my car in tact, hoping to make it to a friend’s place for a late Christmas party they were throwing. I made it in time (just before midnight). Socialised and had a few drinks. I then took a little nap to sober up before the short drive home. When I got back to my car (at around 4am), this sight greeted me:

DSC_6327 DSC_6324
DSC_6325 DSC_6326

The steering wheel had a note from the police on it, recording (as if to state the obvious) that my car had been broken into. My first thought was for my camera and my laptop, both of which were still safely in the car. It looks like someone tried to take my car for a joy ride but found it too difficult. Perhaps a Prius with an immobiliser is too much for your average drunk teenager.

So, in short, nothing has been stolen, just broken glass which I will get fixed. Still, not a plesant drive in to home with the window broken.