Lifestyle choices

Breakfast!One of the great things about moving to a new country (or even just moving to the other side of town) is it’s a great catalyst for changing yourself, or your own behaviour. One thing which I hope to work on is my fitness and my diet. Everyone here tells me I am going to gain heaps of weight living here in Texas, eating American food. They point to the average size of Americans as proof. Not me! Not no way, not no how. I aim on bucking the trend. To this end, I went to Wal-Mart to get some cereal. I don’t normally eat breakfast at all, you understand, but I did some reading and most of the diet sites say you have to eat breakfast, very important.

So, I went into the store and what was the first cereal I see? Shredded Wheat! I used to love this stuff as a child (it used to be called shreddies back in South Africa). It’s the only cereal I liked which did not contain an inordinate amount of chocolate and/or sugar. What really drew me to the package though was the label on the box: “Lose 10 lbs the Heart Healthy way”. Now, call me a girl but that box had a great deal of appeal to me, so I got it! As well as bananas (because I dislike strawberries and that will be breakfast (and maybe one or two other meals) and we’ll see how we go. Continue reading Lifestyle choices