Lara’s trip to the blood donor centre

Lara & I went to donate blood today (on Lara’s insistence, she’s big on
community and whatsis). So, we fill out our forms and wait our turn.
Lara goes through before me because she’s donated in New Zealand before
and the paperwork is less arduous.

So, I am lying in my little blood donor chair and look over at Lara to
see how she is doing. She looks quite pale, more pale than usual. Then,
she starts looking very weak. She mumbles something, her eyes close
dreamily and her head lolls to one side. Looks like she’s about to

Then she does, she faints. Her body goes limp. Suddenly she convulses.
Her whole body jerks as though she’s just been hit by a defibrillator.
And again. This time I am mildly surprised I didn’t hear someone yell

The male nurse at her side mutters something along the lines of “oh
shit”, quickly pulls the needle from her vein and yells for assistance.
I yell “oh dear” as loudly as I dare, but it seems as though the nurses
have it under control so I try not to spaz out myself.

Lara comes to after a few seconds but, not surprisingly, she is not
allowed to give blood today.

Then a nurse comes up to me with some bags attached to a large needle.
“How are you feeling?” she asks. “Oh, fine, just fine” I reply, in my
best imitation of someone who isn’t at all scared of needles.