Dinner for two

I took Lara out to dinner at Angus Steak House on Friday last week.

No, Mom, it’s not like that.

It all came about because Lara was lamenting that she is always the person who organises things and unless she organises things, they never happen. So, as I tend to do, I spontaneously suggested something random: “ok, I will take you out to dinner at Angus steak house and we can have a steak, since K doesn’t eat steak. How does that sound?”

So that was settled. At the end of the week, we left work at a leisurely 6pm or so and had a drink on the way to the restaurant (nicest Vodka, Lemon and Lime I have had in a long time).

“So, do you come here often?” I said wryly, smirking over my drink at her across the bar table.
“Hmm? Well, no, maybe once or twice.”
“Uh, no that was a…”
“Oh, a pick up line, sorry, I just answered without thinking.”
I grinned ruefully. Sometimes my jokes are just a little too subtle.

After our drink (she had Gin & Tonic, by the way) we made our way to the steak house, settled in and began the ordering process. She had never been there before, which is good since she dislikes going to the same place twice. As I promised, the ambiance was very plesant and the steak superb. She had hers done “blue” which means “I want you to give the cow a bit of a tan then put it on the plate.” Kind of interesting that her boyfriend is vegetarian yet she has her meat practically raw.

So, what did we do? We talked. Topics ranged from existentialism, to religion to sex. I was quite pleased with myself, I have never been very good in social situations. Half-way through the meal, I got a phone call, but I cancelled the call, the number was not recognised by my phone. Sarah always hates it when I take a call when we’re doing something, because I tend to be polite on the phone and rude in person (by talking on the phone).

Once we were finished our mains I, being the gentleman that I am, attempted to call a waitress over so we could order dessert. Much to my embarrassment (and Lara’s eternal amusement) I had actually tried to pull one of the patrons aside and coerce her into taking my order. Thankfully she probably didn’t understand what I was saying or the bemused look she gave me would have been a little more withering.

Anyway, dessert complete, I offered to walk her home. I had a vague idea of how far it was but I must admit, it’s quite some walk to Lara’s place even for me (I love walking). I think it’s the pace she walks at. No wonder her friends & family call her the “energiser bunny”.

On our way we stopped off at Esquires and I introduced her to a white hot chocolate. Mmmm, chocolate. I like introducing people to new things. Especially since it’s rare I try something new myself.

To put th icing on the cake, we walked through Franklin Road and saw some of the most interesting Christmas light displays I have seen in a while. All-in-all an enjoyable experience. I should take people out more often.

“So, you not going to invite me in for sex then?” I asked at the door. Ok, my sense of humour is a little vulgar at times. She gave me a look and smiled. “No, well, I would have invited you in for coffee but no.” I grinned and left.

As I walked to the train station I called the number. It was my parents (new phone number, obviously):
“Hello sweetheart”
“Hi, Mom”
“Where are you?, Sarah said you went to dinner.”
“Yeah, I took Lara out to dinner, there are these Christmas lights..”
“Lara? Who is Lara?”
“She’s the girl I used to sit next to at work… No, Mom, it’s not like that.”
“Awww, why not?”
“It’s just not. She was complaining about she always has to organise social events, so I invited her to Angus Steak house. Besides her boyfriend is vegetarian and so she doesn’t eat meat much.”
“I’ve lost interest in her already”
“You need to find a girl who can appreciate you”
“Yes, mom…”
“So, how are you getting home?”

Anyway, that was my little dinner engagement with Lara. It was fun and I’d do it again. Maybe next time I will stretch my calf muscles before hand though. ^^;