I’ve had to fill out a lot of forms lately. Forms for NZ security clearance, forms for visa applications to the US, forms for this and forms for that. Lots of paper and lots of annoying PDF documents that have been designed so I can’t even save the form or email it, I have to print the jolly thing.

Anyway, this process can sometimes feel a little demeaning. For example, the security clearance one asked me to list 4 people who know me well, who have known me for 5 years or more, who are not related to each other, not related to me, not co-workers, who I have seen in the last year and who I do not live with. So, in essence: “list your friends”. Uhh… do I even have 4 of those?

Also, I was asked to list all the countries I have visited in the last 10 years (not a whole lot) the degrees I have received (not a lot) and the jobs I have had (not a whole lot there either).

Essentially, these forms really ask: “so how much have you achieved over the last 10 years or so”. Like I said, kind of demeaning. Glad they didn’t ask me how much sex I’ve been having lately, that would truly have been embarrassing.

I did get a big laugh though. The question depicted above was part of an American form, of course.