Best sitSomething I didn’t expect when arriving in Texas was the idea that I may temporarily adopt 9 fish, 4 plants, a cat and a turtle. Looking after these animals is one of my allocated tasks while living here at my boss’ house. The cat (Sox) was an unexpected and welcome bonus.

I am a big fan of cats. At first he was a little bit weary of me, but as soon as he realised I was the one who was giving him food, he quickly warmed to me.

None shall passOn the first night, he was so scared, he ran out the door. We were kind of worried that he had gone for good, but he turned up eventually, in the usual manner of cats, with a nonchalant “who, me?” look about him. Turns out that although he has a kitty litter box (which I studiously keep clean) he roams around ouside in the cool(er) evenings.

During the day he is kept indoors, since it would be cruel for animals to have to stay out in this heat.

Want food nowHe’s very playful and cuddly, he loves to talk to people, to rub up against your legs and to sleep in people’s beds. On thr first few nights he slept on the main bed (obviously he normally sleeps with mommy & daddy).

Then, when he realised mommy & daddy weren’t here, he took to coming and visiting me in the spare room. You can tell by the size of him that he’s a New Zealand cat.

Cuddle meNow, he’s so brazen he practically wakes me up in the morning, Garfield style. Woe unto me if I don’t let him out at night, and woe if I leave him out too long. And woe if his bowl is not full, because then I will be treated to some of the most vocal cat noises I have ever heard. At the moment, he is contentedly snoozing on the couch while I type this.

No, scratch that, he’s now jumped up beside me and is pawing my arm for attention, purring like a chain-saw. I love cats!