Braains!Well, it’s Halloween here in the US. My boss invited us all to his house for a Halloween party. Me being me, I left it till the last minute to prepare. By the time I got to Wal-Mart all the good costumes were taken.

I thought it would have been cool to go as a cat or something, but that requires a lot of planning, then I considered a dentist (because, after all, eating all those sweets is going to make you dread the dentist). But dentist would also require some complex props (like a drill or somethig).

I needed something scary that didn’t require props. On inspiration from wikihow (how to look like a zombie) I decided I might try Zombie.

ScarSo, I bought a cheap make-up kit and spent the whole of Saturday perfecting my costume. It was a great deal of fun!

Notice the detail on the scarring, the different coloured blood. Notice the veins in my hands, and the ordered chaos of the blood stains on my shirt. The shirt is ruined, but boy was it worth it!

I received the greatet compliment I could have hoped for. One of the guests (he came as a beer keg :)) happened to be a funeral director. He said my wounds were so realistic, I scared him 🙂 I scared a guy who deals in dead bodies for a living. Not sure if I should be too happy about that.

Bucket-o-ChocolateI also brought a massive bucket of chocolates with me, assuming that there would be trick-or-treaters. I got all the chocolates that reminded me of home (kit-kat, twix, M&M, ferrero rocher) and threw them into a bucket. It turns out, however, that the trick or treating happens on the last day of the month, so there were no kids after any candy.

I left my chocolate under the table all evening. Then, as people got tipsier and tipsier, Llanwyn (my boss) asked “hey Stephen, where’s your chocolates?”. So I found the bucket, whipped it out and all the girls went “oooooh” (not often that I get to say that). Many diets were broken on that night and I now have a half a bucket of chocolates left. I think I will keep them for Tuesday and dress up again to scare the neighbourhood kids.
The actual party was a blast, the house was all done up incredibly well. I will post more pictures later perhaps 🙂

Zombies have no fun