Texas Giant

Texas GiantOn Sunday, I went to a place in Texas called “Six Flags”. All-in-all, it’s just one more very expensive amusement park. It was quite a pleasant, humid, Texas afternoon. It was overcast, though, so the sun didn’t interfere too much with our enjoyment. Stephen (not me, the other one), I quickly realised, doesn’t have a high tolerance for roller coasters, so I ended up going on a couple of rides on my own.

Perhaps the most fun ride was the famous “Texas Giant”. When built in 1990, it was the tallest wooden roller coaster in the world (that’s right: wooden roller coaster). I was foolish enough to try catch a video of the experience. Too late, I discovered that a wooden roller coaster makes for one very bumpy ride. Please enjoy the video. If you listen carefully, you may hear the occasional expletive escape my lips.